“7 Seas Navigation”

Medieval sailing ship replica reconstruction and test (1985-2003).
“AYAS” Nautical Research Club has built a replica of 13-th century merchant sailing ship of Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia. The ship was reconstructed in strict accordance with the information found in medieval manuscripts and miniatures, using the techniques and technologies available in the 13-th century. LOA = 20m, Displacement = 50t.

The ship was tested in 2002-2003 on the lake Sevan in Armenia.
The “CILICIA” – functioning replica of 13-th century merchant sailing ship of Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia has sailed by medieval trade sea routes around the Europe, via Black, Mediterranean Seas, the Atlantic Ocean, North and Baltic Seas, rivers of Russia and again Black Sea, passed more than 15 000 nautical miles, visited 63 ports in 25 countries of Europe and Asia.
This is the first time in the history of navigation, that a vessel has closed a full ring around Europe by water.
The travel was equipped with all accessories typical of 13 century (navigation tools, merchandise goods, meals, clothes, etc.) replicating the methods of navigation and the lifestyle of medieval sailors. The main goal of the experiment was to feel and to check how our ancestors had sailed and operated with such vessels. Common responsibility to safeguard historical and cultural heritage was our objective. The Expedition highlighted the significant role of travellers and merchants in establishing connections between cultures and civilizations separated by seas, and the Ship as the Symbol and means of unification.

The importance of the Expedition noted by number of famous persons. For us is very important The Blessing of the Pope Benedict 16-th/ and The Address of Baroness Cox, The Member of British Parliament.

Карта Экспедиции

DVD “Cilicia-creation”, which is telling about the epopee of reconstruction and the expedition is available to order on www.armenianmusiccenter.com.