Scientific Conference devoted to the 25-th anniversary of

“Ayas” Nautical Research Club

/2010 , 14-16 May/


1.      Dr. Edward Danielyan, Chairman, Head Editor, (Institute of History, NAS RA)

2.       Dr. Ashot Melkonyan (Fellow-correspondent of NAS RA, Director of Institute of History NAS RA)

3.       Dr. Ruben Safrastyan (Director of Institute of Eastern Studies NAS RA)

4.       Karen Balayan (president of “AYAS” Nautical Research Club)

5.       Karen Danielyan (Secretary of “AYAS” Nautical Research Club)


May 14

09.30  –  Registration of participants

10.15    – Opening  of Conference /A.Melkonyan, Fellow-correspondent of  NAS RA, Doctor of Hist. Sc., Director of Institute of History NAS RA/

10.30  – Welcome Word (Sen Arevshatyan, Academician, NAS RA)

10.45 -Introductory word: The Ships of the Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia (Karen Balayan, President of  “Ayas” Nautical Research Club)

History of Cilician Armenia

(moderator – Ashot Melkonyan)

11.00 – Azat Bozoyan  / Doctor of Hist. Sc., Institute of Oriental Studies, NAS RA/

History of Cilician Armenia in Documents

11.20   – Vahe Torosyan /Institute of History, NAS RA /

Relations of Spiritual and Secular Authorities of Great Armenia and Cilician Armenia in the Reign of Levon II

11.40 – Ruben Galichian /London, England/

Armenia and Cilician Armenia in Old Maps and Portolans.

12.00  –  Ruben Safrastyan / Doctor of Hist. Sc.,  Director of Institute of Oriental Studies, NAS RA/

Armenian Genocide in Cilicia: Geopolithical  Aspect.

12.20  –  coffee-break

Civilizational Interelations

(moderator – Ruben Safrastyan)

13.00   – Eduard Danielyan /Doctor of Hist. Sc., Institute of History, NAS RA/

Armenian Civilizational Contribution to Ancient and Medieval Economic and Geopolitical Developments.

13.20  – Zohrab Gevorgyan / Institute of History, NAS RA /

Cilician Armenia in the International Trade Shipping System in XIII-XIV cc.

13.40 -Gevorg Stepanyan /Doctor of Hist, Sc., Institute of History, NAS RA /

From the History of the Armenian Fleet in the Caspian Sea.

14.00   –  Lunch-time

15.00  –  Lilya Avanesyan / State Museum of the History of Armenia/

The Geography of Trade Routes of Jugha Armenians

15.20 – Gagik Poghosyan (Khakhbakyan) / Institute of Political Research of RA President’s  Administration/

Jugha Armenians Heritage in South-Eastern Asia

15.40  –  Dmitry Martirosyan /PhD in Tech. Sc./

A Forgotten Factor of European policy of  XVI-XVII c.c.: the Cossaks (and their Sea Glory)

History of Navigation

(moderator – Eduard Danielyan)

16.00  –  Armen Davtyan

Evidences About Ships in Sumerian Cuneiform Inscriptions

16.20  Alina Salnazaryan

Armenian Navigation in India

16.40  – Discussion

May 15

10.00  – Karen Balayan / “AYAS”  Nautical Reseach Club/

Expedition by the steps of Armenian ship ” Quedagh Merchant ” by “Ayas”  Nautical Research Club Jointly with “Anahit” Association

10.20 – Victor Gubarev /PhD in Hist. Sc. –Donetsk National Technical University/

The Destiny of the Ship of Captain Kidd ” Quedagh Merchant” and Its Cargo

10.40 – Vachagan Khachatryan /PhD in Tech. Sc./, Hrachia Mkhitaryan

Contacts and Communication in the International Crew, or Work with Interpersonal Relations.

(a presentation)

10.55               –           Vahan Sargsyan /PhD in Ling.Sc., Yerevan State University / 

The Armenian Islands /according to the Hispanic priest Andres Agire’s letters/

11.15  –  O.Zolotarev/Tula, Russia/, V.Kobets /Kiev, Ukraine/

Underwater Archaeological Reconnaissances of the Place  of the XVIII century Russian battleship “Saint Alexander”’ Wreck abeam the Tarkhankut lighthouse in 2005-2009.

11.35 – Marina Uvarova /PhD in Tech. Sc., S-Petersburg,  Russia /

Mher Parvanyan /Yerevan/

Stress as a Risk Factor for the Member of the Crew

(a presentation)

11.50 – Hayarpi Aghakhanyan/”Gitelik” University, Eghegnadzor/

Armenian Merchants and Modern Sea Law

(a presentation)

12.00 –  coffee-break

Culture and Traditions

(moderator – Vahan Sargsyan)

13.00 – Hakob Simonayan / PhD  in Hist. Sc., Director of the Cultural-Historic Heritage Centre of            the Ministery of Culture of RA/

An Attempt to a Semantic Variant Reading of the Word “NAV” on the Basis of Archaeo-Linguistic and Archaeological Analysis.

13.20 – Karen Tokhatyan /Institute of History NAS RA /

Rock Art of Great Armenia.

13.40 – Gohar Vardumyan /Phd in Hist.Sc, Institute of History NAS RA /

Cult of Water among Armenians.

14.00 – Lunch-time

15.00 – Grigor Brutyan /House-Museum of V. Ambartsumyan/

Vishap and Water in Armenian Fairy Tales and Epic

15.20 – Ashot Haykazun/Doctor of Archit., Prof., National Museum-Institute of Architecture/

Compositional Construction of  Noah’s Ark, and the Quadrilateral and Triplex System of the World.

15.40 – Artak Movsisyan (PhD of Hist. Sc., Institute of Oriental Studies NAS RA)

One of the Legends of the Saving Ark, and the Earliest Mentionings of the name of Mt. Masis

16.00  – Discussion

May 16

10.00 – V. Vahradyan /Phd in Mat. Sc../, M. Vahradyan, /”Vaspurakan. New Generation”/

The First Inhabitants of the Isle of Britain came from Armenia.

10.20  – Ruben Vardanyan /Phd in History, Armenian History State Museum/

Coins of Levon I: New Researches

11.00 – Armine Zohrabyan /Phd of Hist. Sc., The State Museum of History of Armenian

Merchant in Ancient World

(a presentation)

11.20 – Arman Shahnurabyan

Methods of Inverstigation of the Polluted Reservoirs of Armenia Proposed by the “Ayas” Club.

(a presentation)

11.35 – Discussion

Closing of the Conference

13.00 – Cultural program